Lickr dating app provides a location based service in order to allow people to chat online and to meet other people based on their own preferences.

Getting Started

After installation of lickr from GooglePlay Or AppStore Start with the Sign Up processes by clicking “SignUp” button.

The next step would be choosing your Display Name which can contain letters and numbers, the display name does not have to consist of your real name or email address, it can be anything you choose in order to be recognize by other users.

The next steps would be choosing your date of birth, please pay attention that by pressing the year 2000 on top, it will make it easier on you to choose your year of birth.

Important: The application is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 only.

Right after, please choose the month and day of birth and press OK.

Now, you will have to choose whether you are Male \ Female \ Couple in the (check the appropriate). and press NEXT.

In the next page you will be asked to insert your best Email address, please note that in a later stage you will be required to activate your Lickr account through the activation link that will be sent by Email, Without activating it, Your account will not be activated thus not be accessible.

Now please choose your Password, it can contain Letters and numbers, you will be asked to enter it twice to make sure the two are identity, in case you are not sure what you have typed, you can press the “show password” icon to reveal it.

Please make sure you read and accept the Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy before hitting the “Sign Up” Button. 


Once you’ll press the signup button, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

In the email sent from support@lickr.app press the confirmation link to be directed to approval page.

Once your are there, it means that your Email was confirmed and now you can sign in the App with you credentials ( Email + Password) chosen by you.

Once sign in for the first time, you will be asked to complete your profile, here you ‘will be able to decide what information to allow other users to see about you.

Set your Filtering preferences as well as your personal info to suit your needs.

Some Features are blocked, and will be available only for Premium Profiles/Users (paid customers).

Please note that in any time you can go to the VIP tab to purchase your subscription and to become a Premium User.

If you forgot your password, please press on the “forgot password” button at the “Sign In” page.

You will be asked to retype your email which you have originally signed up with, once the email address submitted, you will receive an email with you password into your email box

Menu Options

Once logged in for the first time or once going into Menu (Three lines on the top corner) ==>> “Edit Profile”, you will be able to:

  • Upload your pictures
  • view/change your display name
  • describe yourself in the “About” option
  • view you age
  • view your chosen gender option or change it (Premium users only)
  • view/change your status: Single/Married/Divorced/Separated/Other
  • view and set your Height
  • view and set your Weight
  • Set who you are looking for
  • set your Facebook profile
  • set your Instagram profile
  • set your Twitter profile
  • Set your preferred Languages
  • Describe your fields of interest
Once done editing, you must press the SUBMIT button for changes to take effect in your profile.

In order to set you desired filtering options please press press  Menu Icon (Three lines on the top corner) ==>> “Apply Filter”, here see the following options:

  • “Online Status” – check this box if you like to see only online profiles (available for premium users only)
  • “Featured” – check this box if you want to be shown on the top “Featured” line  (available for premium users only)
  • “Control Who Sees You” – check each of the Men/Women/Couple boxes, in order to see these genders when browsing.  you can also choose to check the “My Favourites Only” box in order to view your favourites contacts only, that way no new profile will be able to see and approach you besides these. (available for premium users only
  • “Hide My Distance” – Check this box if you don’t want people to see your distance from them. (available for premium users only)
  •  “Profile Picture” – Check this box if you want to see only people who have uploaded any pictures. (available for premium users only)
  • “Show Me” – Check the boxes of genders you would like to see when browsing, you can choose any of the followings: Men/Women/Couple .
  • “Distance From Me” – here you can set you search radius, your choice can go up to 100 Miles, the default is set to 50 Miles.
  • “Age Range” – Here you can set the age of the users you would like to see when browsing, on the upper line you will set the minimum age, and in the lower line you can set the maximum age. (pay attention that the minimum age of 18 is required in order to use any of “Lickr” Services.
Once done editing, you must press the SUBMIT button for changes to take effect in your profile.
  • Here you can view all notification regard: Licks, Massages & System Massages.

“Setup” – On the top corner, you will see a red button called “Setup”, once pressed, you will be able to turn ON or OFF the following options:

  • Email notification on every new Lick
  • Email notification on every new massage
  • Email notification on every new system update / system massage
  • Push notification on every new Lick
  • Push notification on every new massage
  • Push notification on every new system update / system massage
** Please note: User might get System/Admin push notification even though he turned OFF the “Push notification on every new system update / system massage” option

Pressing this option will direct you to the “VIP” Section which is also called “Premium Subscription Page”.

Here you can purchase the package that fits you the most.

Please refer to “VIP – Go Premium” Section in this support page for more details ( https://lickr.app/support/ )

Choosing this option will allow you share the download path to the Lickr App with your friends, by Whatsapp, Email, Facebook Messenger Etc…

Inside this options there are extra features available only to Premium Users.

  • Security Pin – When pressing this option, you will be asked to turn on the “Enable Security PIN” Button”.

Once activated, please choose a 4 digit Security PIN, and re-type it in the next line, now, press the “Create Security PIN” button in order to activate it.

Now, every time you’ll  try enter the app or a feature, the Security PIN will be needed to do so.

In order to deactivate the security PIN, Please go back to “Enable Security PIN” Button”, and turn it OFF.

  • Claim Username – When pressing this option, you will be entitle of choosing your own unique username to be used on Lickr, unlike other free users that can have same name as other users, yours will be unique, and no one else will be able to use it.

In order to claim you unique username, click the “Claim Username” option, and choose the name that fits you the most, then press the “Claim Your Username” button. 

In case the name is already taken, the system will reject your option, and you will be able to try another option

  • Change App Icon – This feature allows you to choose a different App icon to be used on your mobile device.

    In order to change your Icon, press the desired icon from the list, after few seconds you will get a confirmation massage from the system

  • My Active Plan – In this option the user is able to check and see his active plan, Start and End dates.
  • Contact Us – A link to a “contact us” page to contact Lickr Admin for any problem or question.
  • Support – A link to the support page (this specific one) for information about the usage of the  Lickr App 
  • Privacy Policy – A link to Lickr “Privacy Policy” – Make sure you have read it before using the App, If you do not agree to follow it, do not use the Lickr App!
  • Terms & Conditions – A link to Lickr “Terms & Conditions Of Use” – Make sure you have read it before using the App, If you do not agree to follow it, do not use the Lickr App!
  •  About Us – A link to an informational page regards the Lickr App.
  • Change Password – This option allows you to change your password for extra security, you will need to provide your current password in order to do it.
  • Delete Account –  This option allows you to completely delete your account, please note that this action is Not Reversible! If you only wish to Logout from Lickr application, please use the Logout option.
  • Logout – In case you wish to Logout from the Lickr Application, but still want to keep your profile history as well as your Premium package and Unique username, use the Logout Option, you will be able to Login back into the system anytime later.

Main Features

The home tab consist of two areas, the top area which called “Featured” , and the “Around Me”.

  • Featured Section – shows Premium users profiles who have indicated their willingness to be placed at the “Featured” section so they will stick out better.  (that’s on top of showing at “Around Me” Section), You can browse the Featured Section by swiping the Featured line horizontally.
  • Around Me Section – Allows you to browse between 27 profiles around you (for free users), or to see unlimited profiles around you, based on you filtering preferences.

Each profile at the Home Tab has a dot which is lighten in green when the user is online.

In the Favourits tab you can find all the profiles marked as your Favourits.

You can Un- Favourite a profile by opening the users  main profile page and remove the Favourite mark from the bottom menu.

The Inbox collect all the massages being sent to you by other users or by the Lickr admin.

Each time you will have a new massage, a green dot will apear over the top menu massage icon, once you have read the massage, the green light will dissapear.

Once you press a massage from other user, a chat page will be opened, allowing you to interact with the other user freely. 

The Lickr admin massages will show with light grey background color,  and by pressing them it will open a popup with or without a link.

The Lick Tab located next to the massages tab, will allow you to review all Licks accepted from other users.

When you want to send a Lick to a profile, you might do it within a profile page at the bottom menu.

Here you will be able to search users who lives in other areas, when the distance is more than 100 miles from you.

You can search for the Country/City, and if you are a Premium user, you will be able to interact with them.

Please refer to the VIP – Go Premium Section in this page.

Invisible Button allows users to see and not to be seen by other users.

The button is located on the header menu, and can be switched On/Off.

This feature is open only for Premium Users.

Once you press a profile picture, you will be directed into the Main Profile Page that will display a large picture of the other profile, Information Button ( to see related information regards the other profile) and the Bottom Menu consist of 4 Icons.:

  • Lick Icon
  • Chat Room Icon
  • Add To Favourites Icon
  • Block/Report Icon


  • You will also see the Online/Offline Status + The distance between you and the other user.
  • You can send a specific user a new Lick every 24Hrs.

After visiting a profile at the Main Profile Page, Press the Chat Icon in order to open the chat room between you and the other profile.

Within the Chat Room, you will see the Chat Room Menu which will enable you to:

  • Write the other person
  • Send picture from your Camera / Gallery
  • Send a GIF
  • Send your location (approval needed for security reasons)
  • Pre-Set Sentences for easy interaction (for Premium Users only)
  • A Microphone icon that enables you to record voice massages

This floating chat icon enables you to go back quickly into you last active chat

VIP - Go Premium

Privacy PIN no.

See unlimited cards (39 in free Ver.)

Ads free

Control who sees you (Male/Female/Couple) Or Your Favourits only.

Claim your user name (unique name)

Alternative app icons

Extra filter – see only people with pictures

Extra filter – change you displayed gender (Male/Female/Couple)

Extra filer – see only online profiles

Pre-set sentences for  quick chatting

Show read\receipt

Invisible button

Unlimited licks (20 daily in free ver)

Search a location around the world

“Show me as featured profile” –get better visibility by being located at the top “Featured” bar

Subscription & Billing

The Payment for each package is being charged in advance in the beginning of each billing cycle, and will be renew automatically if not cancelled by the user at least one day before subscription is ended.

By going into the VIP tab, you will be able to choose your best subscription.

If you are an Android user, then you will be directed to Android Play Store, If you are an IOS user, then you will be directed into Apple’s App Store.

Android users can also choose to pay via Paypal.